To submit their applications, startups must be headquartered in Europe (UK included), looking into expanding their footprint in Southeast Asia and provide solutions for one or several of the following sectors: FinTech, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Industry 4.0, Digital Healthcare, Agri & Food Tech, RetailTech & eCommerce, Marine Tech or Property Tech & Real Estate

For illustration purposes, these innovative solutions can be business applications relying on software, AI, AR, VR, 5G, etc… and deliver services digitally to industry corporations or their customers.

Conditions for qualification

  1. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified.
  2. All fields marked with asterisks (*) in the submission form are compulsory to be filled in. Any blanks shall be construed as grounds for disqualification. No follow-up shall be undertaken with applicants to complete their submissions.
  3. All claims are to be substantiated with documentary evidence.
  4. All submissions may accompany relevant attachments to support submissions. All documents upload are limited to a maximum of 20MB per submission.
  5. Upon registration, startups will be invited to pitch on up to 2 themes, and qualify their inscription further. No follow-up shall be undertaken with applicants who fail to qualify their submission.
  6. Startups who may be selected for more than one category will be requested to pitch on several occasions. They may change their pitch deck accordingly, to adapt their presentation to the specificities of the sector.
  7. Start-ups must have a formal strategy to develop in Asia in the short and mid-term. NB. this forum was not designed to help startups find quick sales leads.

Pre-selection criteria

Main criteria – 80%

I – Adequation to the needs expressed by the Asian Corporates and Institutional Investors
S – Scalability potential beyond Asian Proof-of-concept
M – Strength of Business Model
C – Displayed strategy to expand in ASEAN and Asia

Secondary criteria – 20%

T = Team/Management and resources to support Asian expansion
U = Uniqueness/Innovation (Differentiation)
D = Sustainability/impact differentiator
F = Flexibility/adaptability of the use case to Customer needs

Final selection criteria

F = Fits with the Problem Statement of the corporates
A = This solution could bring direct added value to the business of the corporates
U = Uniqueness/Innovation/Disruption of the solution
L = Implantation of this company in Asia would bring value to Singapore

The following elements might be important for Asia expansion but will not be taken into account for
the selection to this event. Indeed, the co-organizers can help you trigger the local support you
might need:
– Lack of local knowledge or local structure
– Lack of local contacts and market understanding (incl. rules and regulations)
– Lack of specific Asian Business Plan